1. **) We predominantly operate remotely using web-conferencing tools and do not expect to travel. However, if required additional charges for travel expenses will incur.

All-in-One Web Solution

All-In-One Web System Solution**

Analyse requirements, install, configure a standalone web system solution in your office. 

This is your own private web-cloud service for a one-off payment and no more long-term subscriptions of web services.

The system provides opensource web service applications such as a media server, iTunes server, network storage to all PCs, email server, FTP server and in particular any PHP based applications such as elgg, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc.  portal services.

This service includes the selected hardware. Our smallest system solution comprises a 2TB web and disk storage solution. The system supports Mac OS and Windows PC environments.

Note: broadband communication services and router hardware are not included. Our standard offer includes documentation, 2-3 online training sessions and self-learning training materials.

Starting Price £900

(price dependent of the selected HW requirements)

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We will set up an  All-in-One solution running your own web server and small office operation with this stand-alone server solution.

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