MAG Executive Cars Ltd

Create a web site that reflects the executive and personalised nature of this small business of MAG Executive Cars chauffeur and concierge services.  This site needs to enable customers submitting bookings online and from their mobile.


Our value proposition:

We have designed and deployed a unique and personalised web site for MAG Executive Cars with actual photos of the drivers and cars. The simple design allows to navigate quickly straight to the bookings and key information.

We integrated an online booking request form as well as a satisfaction feedback form to a backend CRM cloud application. The recommended solution runs also on a mobile phone and iPad. So MAG Executive cars can now dispatch transport requests to drivers connected to the CRM platform and respond to the online bookings from the mobile phone. Moreover, we have introduced a cloud-based sales and accounting service which now allows MAG Executive Cars to bill corporate clients with online payments. Customers appreciated the hassle free online invoicing service. As a result, payments are now paid in time and with less administration effort for the MAG back-office team.

Justin Keay’s Journal

Justin is a writer and journalist who needed a solution to publish features about the development of financial economies in emerging markets as well as travel guides.


Our value proposition:

We have designed and implemented a web site within 2-3 days.

We provide a fully managed service of the site receiving his articles in plain text and photos by email.

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